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Check out this set of Holtzapffel tools in a very familiar looking case.

I had to post this. The first thing I thought of was HO Studley. The description at Jim Bode says that Holtzapffel was a high end tool and lathe maker that sold it’s last lathe in 1928. Does this case predate HO … Continue reading

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You can’t make this stuff up. Milking the reindeer. Merry Christmas everyone.

So i’m reading the unpluggedshop blog aggregator and I happened upon this: Great pictures of crafts in Sweden. So I’m showing the pictures to my wife on and no lie I flip the page and there is a … Continue reading

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Hurricane Hermine ¬†took out the old gate

It was a crappy gate with a z brace screwed right to a cut up piece of pressure treated fence panel. To be fair to me, it was the gate that came with the house and I just kept scabbing … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson on the weather and Data Science

Apparently data science is not new. I admire the discipline. I can’t find anyone who has digitized his data set yet. I’m sure as soon as I write this somebody will beat me too it. I did find a study … Continue reading

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Random morning chili

Just made some random chili with stuff left over and a pepper from the garden! Spring has sprung

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Shop Vac customer service rocks!

So, like three days ago I put in a web form request to shop Vac support. Either Christmas last year or two years ago, so long I can’t remember, I got a mongo shop Vac combination leaf blower and Vac. … Continue reading

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Honey Do: wood floor in hall way

Time to finish the hall way. Cutting in and around door frames sucks. Starts scary but ends up fine.

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Looking for iPhone wordpress app

I just noticed that the post here said try “pressthis”. Now I’m off in search of a wordpress app for my iPhone. You can see how I’m easily distracted. Can anyone say ‘ squirreellllll ‘

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Just Installed my first wordpress site!

Yeah, I know big deal. It even says, “Just another wordpress site” after you install it, but I did it and its mine. Very happy. Now I’m off to find an rss plugin. Before you start throwing virtual rocks, I … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! I left this, because I think its funny. If you don’t like it go read the how to create a Java Hello World in 102 … Continue reading

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