Check out this set of Holtzapffel tools in a very familiar looking case.

I had to post this. The first thing I thought of was HO Studley. The description at Jim Bode says that Holtzapffel was a high end tool and lathe maker that sold it’s last lathe in 1928. Does this case predate HO Studley? Did he see one in the high end piano shop he worked at and then copy the form for his tool chest? Am I just nuts? A quick Google for Holtzapffel lathe turns out some pretty ornate pictures. You decide. 

Here’s the chest closed.

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2 Responses to Check out this set of Holtzapffel tools in a very familiar looking case.

  1. Brian says:

    Neat! I wonder what happens when you get a new roughing gouge?

    • hbm-la says:

      I suspect the new ones go where the most used reside, a drawer nearby. We tend to plan for finality. I thought it might be a store display cabinet.

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