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Traversing in the 10 inch eclipse vise.

I couldn’t take it any more. Our ikea cutting board looks like a potato chip. So tonight I looked at my cut off pile and found a 24 inch southern yellow pine 2×12 cut off from the bench aprons. It’s … Continue reading

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It’s just a matter of perspective.

That’s the first number 4 I ever bought. Recently, while planing some syp for my marking gauge project I broke the tote. I wasn’t pushing hard or taking a deep cut. It just broke. I’ve had a few weeks to … Continue reading

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Laundry Cabinet, shelf housing joints done.

I like the British housing joint name, plus my my phone keeps trying to autocorrect dado. Maybe it knows something I don’t know. Here it is holding it self off the bench. Self supporting as Paul Says. After cutting all … Continue reading

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Laundry Cabinet Case Dovetails fit, ready for shelf dados.

Finally getting back to my laundry cabinet build. The vise is mostly mounted. I haven’t written the longer post yet, because its a pain in the rear end to write a long post with pictures from my phone. The app … Continue reading

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