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I humbly say thank you.

It’s just one of those things …   Its taken me a few days to get my thoughts together to write this post. I want to start by saying thank you to the anonymous person(s) that recommended my little blog … Continue reading

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Eclipse 10 inch vise install. Mostly done.

I’ll be writing a longer post about the craziness with the install. How I broke a No 4 plane handle just planing. How I had to shim to fix the gap from miss marking the holes, the 3 different sets … Continue reading

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Eclipse 10 inch vise mounting part 1. Make a big hole in your bench.

Just thought I’d share some progress. I’ll write a whole post on the start to finish when I’m done. Yesterday I laid out the hole for the vise as close to my left bench leg as possible. Also, the whole … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the install of the Eclipse 10 inch vise.

I’ve been waiting 4 years for this vise. It’s the same size as my dream Record 53. Tonight I took off the crochet and marked out the opening. Tomorrow we cut. Wish me luck. It’s like Christmas eve. I can … Continue reading

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How to make a French marking gauge out of Southern Yellow Pine

… or how I made a sort of ok prototype, I’m really proud by the way, of instead of using the other awesome hardwood I have that would have worked much better but I didn’t want to screw up since … Continue reading

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How to make a french marking gauge. Part 1.5

… or how to sort of make a prototype in Southern Yellow Pine because you’ve never made one before and don’t want to ruin your expensive hardwood that you have to drive 180 miles round trip to get. If you … Continue reading

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Hurricane’s a coming …

All the prep is done, now I’m trying to distract myself by making a french marking gauge. It’s hard, since a giant hurricane is bearing down upon us. Oh, well. Anyhow, I’m making the prototype out of a 3 year … Continue reading

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Royal Game of UR game board.

Just sharing a quick pic. Thanks to Brian Eve over at my family and I have been obsessed with the Royal Game of UR. Go to his blog and see all the great videos and posts of game boards and … Continue reading

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