Use a string along the centerline to draw an arc.


Or… The Mothers day chairs made from old pallets with help from some crusty 2×4’s. So, as you can see I was unhappy with the first arc. Right by my hand you will notice it runs off the edge of one of the boards. To fix this I took a couple more turns on the pencil and tried again. Second times the charm. My kids said I was so smart, but I fessed up and said some one smarter than me invented this. Probably the Egyptians.


Now for the hard part. I resisted the urge to get out the jig saw. Its one of the only power tools I have left. I gave away the table saw, chop saw, router table and other jig a madoos. I’ve been forcing myself to do all hand operations. I did cheat and use a cordless drill on this for the countersinking. To make up for this blasphemy I figured I had to make an offering at the alter of the coping saw. Ugh!! I chop out dovetail waste, just so I don’t have to use this coping saw. I hate it. I dream of building a bowsaw, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I have a tendency to spend more time fittering over making tools and shooting boards and benches than I do making furniture. So, in 2016 I said I would buckle down and make some stuff. About a month ago, when I showed my wife the drawings for the 2 chairs I was making as gifts for grandma and aunt she laughed and said, “You’re going to have them done by mothers day. Ha! And you have to take apart two pallets too. Never happen.” I am a masochist, I should have just bought the wood, but I liked the idea of giving some old wood a new and more productive life.  I had a secret plan. I’d get help. I had my two boys Ethan and CJ help. They helped tear down the pallets. They made cuts for the wood, drilled holes, sanded. It was fulfilling watching them making things with their hands and we finished the chairs quicker than I thought possible. For all the doubters, checkout the next shot. Its money.


The other chair we painted barn red and delivered a week early to our aunt. This one we are leaving the painting to Gigi, grandma. She loves to paint stuff, so the boys convinced me to let her do it.  It may not look like much, but a month ago it looked like a dirty pallet 😉



About senrabc

Hi, this is not really about anything. Just me testing the intertubes with my own random meanderings and thoughts. Ostensibly, big word, I’m using this site as my personal log of sorts. I’m a random guy with 4 kids and a beautiful wife living in sunny Florida. Pardon the gratuitous posts with pictures of cute kids. I have an iPhone and can’t help myself. My day job is working in the area of informatics at the University of Florida where I like the shell. Oh, yeah and incase you can’t tell I like woodworking with handtools. Goes along with my command line philosophy 😉 Thanks for reading. Christopher P. Barnes
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3 Responses to Use a string along the centerline to draw an arc.

  1. Theresa aka wife says:

    It looks amazing! But I never said it wouldn’t happen. What I said was, “maybe they’ll get it next Mother’s Day!!”

  2. Savannah says:

    And now it’s yellow

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