Unicorn for sale, Stanley 45 with original Screwdriver


Just kidding. I wouldn’t part with my Stanley 45 and I’ve grown attached to the unicorn. We named him Bert. But, if it comes down to it, the Unicorn goes way before the Stanley 45 combination plane. I just acquired this gem from Jim Bode tools. I can’t say enough good things about Jim Bode. I’ll be shopping there often. They carefully packaged and shipped my treasure to me and every piece came as it was in the picture above.  I’m still in awe of my find and Jim had it at a very reasonable price. No, I didn’t sell one of my kids, I mean everyday meat and potatoes reasonable. Don’t get sucked in by the ebay craziness that is hand tool auctions these days. Every boat anchor listed up there is missing a piece that you’d have to trade Bert for to find. Like the screwdriver or the box. Like both sets of guide rods or all the nickers and all the cutters. If I can give you any advice, like the kind that I never take, don’t buy one of these on ebay. Look around at the legit tool dealers and get a complete set. They are out there. Bert says he saw another one just today. Anyhow, I’m off to put some unneeded grooves and dados in some pine boards that thought they were safe.

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One Response to Unicorn for sale, Stanley 45 with original Screwdriver

  1. Ethan Barnes says:

    i loved it

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