Who doesn’t love Stanley Everlasting Chisels


Photo from oldtooluser.com

So I didn’t write this post to brag, ok maybe a little. I just wanted to share how much I love these chisels and the balance they have in your hand that I had never experienced before. I’m a convert. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The tool hunting gods smiled on me over the last few weeks. I have no idea if I’ve used up all my luck forever, but I scored this set of Stanley Everlasting Chisels along with a Stanley 45 combination plane complete down to the screw driver and chestnut box and a Stanley 71 1/2 router plane with all its parts and the 1/2 inch iron. Oh and I didn’t have to sell all my blood or my soul to get them. In fact i won’t say what I paid because you will think I took advantage of an old widower with cataracts at a yard sale. Suffice it to say I’m still mostly speechless.



About senrabc

Hi, this is not really about anything. Just me testing the intertubes with my own random meanderings and thoughts. Ostensibly, big word, I’m using this site as my personal log of sorts. I’m a random guy with 4 kids and a beautiful wife living in sunny Florida. Pardon the gratuitous posts with pictures of cute kids. I have an iPhone and can’t help myself. My day job is working in the area of informatics at the University of Florida where I like the shell. Oh, yeah and incase you can’t tell I like woodworking with handtools. Goes along with my command line philosophy 😉 Thanks for reading. Christopher P. Barnes
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