Shop Vac customer service rocks!

So, like three days ago I put in a web form request to shop Vac support. Either Christmas last year or two years ago, so long I can’t remember, I got a mongo shop Vac combination leaf blower and Vac. It’s very cool and has a huge 16 gallon capacity. Great, right? Wrong. So long long ago, I took like two weeks to finally put it together and just my luck it was missing two casters. It was a gift from my mom so I couldn’t trash it and it was very very cool. Way better than the 2 hp lame Vac I had. So I did what any good lazy guy would do. I drug it around the shop, house, drive way. Every time I looked at the damn thing it would piss me off. I was ready to trash it. I could not take it any more. Did I mention I’m cheap too? My cheap bone took over and finally made me get in touch with shop Vac, like I should have forever ago. Long story short they called me the day after I put in the form. Asked me what I needed and sent it out to me for FREE. They said because of the holiday it might take two or three weeks. I got the parts today, in only three days. Just thought I’d share a rare fantastic customer service experience.


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