Shop Vac customer service rocks!

So, like three days ago I put in a web form request to shop Vac support. Either Christmas last year or two years ago, so long I can’t remember, I got a mongo shop Vac combination leaf blower and Vac. It’s very cool and has a huge 16 gallon capacity. Great, right? Wrong. So long long ago, I took like two weeks to finally put it together and just my luck it was missing two casters. It was a gift from my mom so I couldn’t trash it and it was very very cool. Way better than the 2 hp lame Vac I had. So I did what any good lazy guy would do. I drug it around the shop, house, drive way. Every time I looked at the damn thing it would piss me off. I was ready to trash it. I could not take it any more. Did I mention I’m cheap too? My cheap bone took over and finally made me get in touch with shop Vac, like I should have forever ago. Long story short they called me the day after I put in the form. Asked me what I needed and sent it out to me for FREE. They said because of the holiday it might take two or three weeks. I got the parts today, in only three days. Just thought I’d share a rare fantastic customer service experience.



About senrabc

Hi, this is not really about anything. Just me testing the intertubes with my own random meanderings and thoughts. Ostensibly, big word, I’m using this site as my personal log of sorts. I’m a random guy with 4 kids and a beautiful wife living in sunny Florida. Pardon the gratuitous posts with pictures of cute kids. I have an iPhone and can’t help myself. My day job is working in the area of informatics at the University of Florida where I like the shell. Oh, yeah and incase you can’t tell I like woodworking with handtools. Goes along with my command line philosophy 😉 Thanks for reading. Christopher P. Barnes
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